Piano Trio in D Minor (Color Antique)

It took me a long time to consider myself a composer.

I’ve been playing the piano for almost two decades, but I’ve only been composing for a few years. As I’ve worked to write and create, I decided one of the best ways to validate my accomplishments is to start calling myself a composer – because I am one!

With that in mind, I’d like to present to you an original composition: Piano Trio in D Minor (Color Antique).

I created the main theme (played in the opening cello lines) a few weeks before I wrote the full piano trio. After letting the main musical idea sit in my brain for a bit, I pulled it back out and turned it into a piano trio (a piano trio is a musical work written for a piano and two other instruments, usually violin and cello).

Piano Trio in D minor main theme Kathryn Louderback composer original composition
Piano Trio in D minor Main Theme

The main theme is developed through counterpoint – each instrument has its own unique line while contributing to the overall movement of the work. The middle section is based purely on color as a contrast from the counterpoint, and the piece ends with a big thematic finish that combines both of the worlds explored in the piece (hence the sub-title Color Antique– the piece uses aural color combined with counterpoint, a technique used since Medieval times, to create the sound world).

Do you like Piano Trio in D Minor (Color Antique)? Check out some of my other original works: Nebulae, Petite Waltz, and Renaissance Song for Winds.

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