Across the Deep

This is an original work.

I’ve never really composed anything like this before. My other compositions were written for others to perform. “Across the Deep” was written for others to listen.

The piano accompaniment plays rumbling chords throughout based on a low B-flat (the chords change throughout the work, but the B-flat stays the same). I improvised the chord changes and came up with the pattern for the piano long before I knew what else to do:

I added some low strings to support the bass, but the upper voices took a little work to create. I knew I wanted the melody to be simple – so simple that it’s not heard as a melody, even. These voices needed to support the accompaniment, and with that in mind I finished “Across the Deep”.

The title comes from a sense of subdued vastness I get when listening to the work. I want the listener’s focus to be on the feeling of the piece rather than the melody, and I hope you feel that when you listen to “Across the Deep”.

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