Classical Music Inspired by Love Part 2

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so let’s listen to some more music inspired by love. Check out part one here, and let’s jump in: Le Voir Dit by Guillaume de Machaut Background Composed from 1361-65, Le Voir Dit (“A True Story”) is one of the most epic romances written by one of the most important Medieval composers: Guillaume […]

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The Funeral March

Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven

A funeral march is a musical work with a slow, stately pulse – typically in a minor key and in 4/4 time – imitating a funeral procession. While the specific origins of the funeral march are unknown, books of military music suggest that the earliest funeral marches were slow, simple beats kept on a large […]

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Music and Emotion

Adagio for Strings Beautiful Music

Have you ever noticed that certain music can make you feel a very specific way? Music is very powerful stuff. It can uplift and depress, agitate and calm. It can offer relief and comfort. Let’s examine this idea a little further. How Music Conveys Emotion Even though there are countless works of music in the world […]

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Creepy Classical Music

Bach toccata in d minor organ

It’s almost Halloween! I’m not usually one to celebrate this particular holiday, but I thought it would be fun to look at some creepy classical music in today’s post. Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach This fun little organ piece (okay, this hugely enormous organ piece) is believed to have been written by […]

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Music is a Serious Business

Sometimes the term “classical music” elicits groans. Thoughts of long, boring concerts full of long, boring music tend to scare listeners away from the seemingly outdated instrumental medium. And then there’s the daunting (yet maybe stereotypical?) image of the concert hall: the formal orchestra and an auditorium full of the cultured and well-dressed who attend so they can listen to serious and […]

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