Across the Deep

Ocean Waves Across the Deep Original Composition

This is an original work. I’ve never really composed anything like this before. My other compositions were written for others to perform. “Across the Deep” was written for others to listen. The piano accompaniment plays rumbling chords throughout based on a low B-flat (the chords change throughout the work, but the B-flat stays the same). […]

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Piano Trio in D Minor (Color Antique)

It took me a long time to consider myself a composer. I’ve been playing the piano for almost two decades, but I’ve only been composing for a few years. As I’ve worked to write and create, I decided one of the best ways to validate my accomplishments is to start calling myself a composer – because […]

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Renaissance Song for Winds

I’m excited to present another original composition this week: Renaissance Song for Winds. I wrote this piece shortly after the premiere of my first chamber work, Nebulae, in Feb. 2017. Renaissance Song opens with a solo English Horn playing the main theme: a rising minor scale that slowly gets a treatment in counterpoint (giving it the “Renaissance” vibe). […]

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“Adagio for Violin and Piano” by Kathryn Louderback

This week I want to share with you my piece Adagio for Violin and Piano. I actually wrote this piece in March, 2016 as the final project for my composition class at OSU. My friend Jayanthi Joseph was willing to play the violin for me for the performance in class and in the video above, and […]

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“Nebulae” by Kathryn Louderback

Nebulae by Kathryn Louderback

I did a thing, you guys. Here’s a video: I wrote the piece Nebulae for Oregon State University (OSU) conductor Dr. Chris Chapman and the OSU Chamber Winds Ensemble. We premiered it (I’m on the piano) on Friday, February 24th, 2017, in the Memorial Union lounge as part of the university’s Music á la Carte program. […]

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