Classical Music Inspired by Water Part 2

Okay guys, here’s the second installment of the series Music Inspired by Water. Check out part one here! Last time we talked about orchestral music, so today’s playlist is piano works inspired by water. First up: Jeux d’eau (“Playing Water”) by Ravel (1875-1937). The composer himself said of this piano work: Jeux d’eau, appearing in 1901, is at the origin […]

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Classical Music Inspired by Water Part 1

Music inspired by the ocean

This weekend I’m spending a few days at the coast, so I thought I’d create a playlist of music inspired by the ocean. And because there are many many pieces that were inspired by and evoke images of water, expect future installments of this post. 🙂 [Click here for part two.] First up:  “Die Hebriden” […]

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