“Echoes” by Kathryn Louderback (An Original Composition)

Girl at Piano

Echoes was created out of an improvisation. I remember sitting at the piano, letting my fingers dance. Sounds old and new filled my ears as I shut my eyes and let the music wander as it chose. A lush chord here juxtaposed with a sharp rhythm there, painting waves and light gliding across an eager, […]

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“Petite Waltz” by Kathryn Louderback

petite waltz by kathryn louderback

I want to share some new music with you this week! Petite Waltz is an original piano solo composed by yours truly. Check it out: This piece was seriously fun to write. I composed the first minute and a half four years ago, but I set it aside to finish later. However, I never forgot about […]

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