Hans Zimmer’s “King Arthur” Original Score

This week I found work called “All of Them!”, part of the score for the 2004 movie King Arthur. It’s a wonderfully emotional bit of music (thanks to legendary film score composer Hans Zimmer); the opening features a melancholy line that develops into a battle-esque climax. Zimmer is known for his driving rhythmic percussion and soaring melodic string melodies, both of which play a prominent role in “All of Them!”

Check out 2:30 in the video above for one of my favorite moments.

*Fun fact: Many of the titles for the score were meant to be funny (which I think is interesting, given the serious nature of the movie and the music). It’s said that the title to “All of Them!” came from a scene in the movie has the character Arthur asking how many Saxons (the enemy) there were, and the answer was, “All of them!” Apparently the team who wrote and orchestrated the score got a kick out of that. 🙂

Here’s the rest of the score, full of typical Hans Zimmer moments meant to portray epic battles and intimate love and solemn funerals:


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