Music Vlog 2: A Tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach in Three Parts

Happy birthday, Bach! (Well, according to the Old Style calendar. Nowadays we would probably celebrate his birthday on March 31st due to the shift in the New Style calendar. But hey, there’s no reason we can’t celebrate early!)

Please enjoy my second music vlog, which is a three part series discussing his life, his musical style, and his children/legacy.

Part 1

Bach’s Life

A Baroque Era composer, Bach was pretty restless and ended up moving and changing jobs several times throughout his life. Nobody appreciated his genius while he was alive!

Part 2

Bach’s Musical Style

Bach worked throughout his life to perfect his craft as a musician. The number of pieces he completed during his lifetime is amazing, and each one is perfect in the details. I guess that’s what happens when you compose all day every day for the majority of your life!

Part 3

The Bach Family

Bach had several sons go on to be famous composers. Did you know that they helped transition from the Baroque era to the Classical era?

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